Updating your theme to use simple context menus

The theme context menu framework that is provided with the module wp_theme_menus in HCL Digital Experience 8.0 and earlier is relabeled and improved in HCL 8.5. The new Simple Menu Framework is compatible with all previous versions of the wp_theme_menus.

About this task

If you want to use the HCL simple context menus, you must complete the following steps on your migrated theme.


  1. Update the existing module wp_theme_menus in WebDAV/themes/your_theme/contributions/theme.json and replace it with:
  2. Copy the following artifacts from the Portal 8.5 theme to your migrated theme in the same directory:
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/contributions/simple_contextmenu.json
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/wp_simple_contextmenu.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/wp_simple_contextmenu.css.uncompressed.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/wp_simple_contextmenuRTL.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/wp_simple_contextmenuRTL.css.uncompressed.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenu.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenu.css.uncompressed.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenuCommon.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenuCommon.css.uncompressed.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenuRTL.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/css/default/contextmenuRTL.css.uncompressed.css
    • WebDAV/themes/Portal 8.5/menuDefinitions/templates/simpleMenuTemplate.html
  3. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal Analysis > Theme Analyzer. Then, click Utilities > Control Center > Invalidate Cache to invalidate the theme cache. You must invalidate the cache so that your profile and module changes are picked up by the Portal server. Auto invalidation recognizes your changes automatically for WebDAV based themes. No further action is required. For more information, see Utilities.