Enabling automatic synchronization for a clustered environment | HCL Digital Experience

Before you started migration, you disabled automatic synchronization to prevent the source and target environments from becoming corrupted. Now that the data migration is complete, it is safe to enable this feature on both the source and target environments.


  1. Start the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console for the deployment manager.
  2. Select System Administration > Node Agents.
  3. Click nodeagent for the required node.
  4. Click File Synchronization Service in the Additional Properties section.
  5. Ensure that Enable service at server startup is selected to enable the synchronization service at startup.
  6. Ensure that Automatic Synchronization is selected to enable the automatic synchronization feature.
  7. Click OK and Save.
  8. Repeat these steps for all remaining nodes.
  9. Select System Administration > Node Agents.
  10. Select all nodes that previously had automatic synchronization disabled, and click Restart.