Linux: Preparing your operating system

Prepare the operating system to ensure a successful installation.


  1. If you are using IBM GPFS file sharing, set the file system inodes limit to 25000 or higher.
    For example, run the mmchfs /dev/gpfs1nsd -F 250000 command. /dev/gpfs1nsd is the HCL Digital Experience installation file system.
  2. Set the file descriptor limit to 10240.
    • ulimit -n 10240
  3. Web Content Manager only: Complete the following steps to remove any file size limits:
    Use the ulimit -f command to set the maximum size of files that can be created. Set this value to at least the size of the largest file you would upload to the content server. The ulimit -f unlimited command removes any limit on file size.
    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. Run the ulimit -a command to get a list of all the ulimit settings.
    3. Find the -f parameter.
      If the value is unlimited, no further action is required.
    4. If the -f parameter is not unlimited, choose one of the following options:
      • Remove the file size limit permanently. For information about how to remove the file size limit see your system documentation.
      • Run the ulimit -f unlimited command for each session.
  4. Install and configure X server on Linux (such as X Window System or GNOME) to use the graphical user interface the installation program provides. For information about adding packages, read your system documentation.
    Note: If you plan to install with a response file, X server is not required.
  5. Ensure that all non-root users have the appropriate permissions to the /tmp/javasharedresources directory.
    For example, the non-root users must have at least 770 permissions.