Rendering documents on IBM® i

To enable document preview function for HCL Web Content Manager and the Common Mail portlet, you must set up an HTML rendering server to work with HCL. Because IBM® i does not contain native graphics support, you must install extra fonts to run the document conversion that is required by these functions. Document conversion enables HCL to convert documents that are produced by commonly used office programs into web pages so that they can be viewed and searched by users online. The additional fonts include an HTML rendering server that is known as X virtual frame buffer for the X server.

About this task

Before you begin, you must have:
  • A HCL profile that runs on your IBM® i system; record the name of your HCL profile for future reference.
  • OS/400 - Additional Fonts (5770SS1, Option 43).

After you set up your HTML rendering server, you must also enable the Document Conversion Services.

Complete the following tasks on each HCL node to render documents on IBM® i:
Note: Use the HTML rendering server that you associate with your HCL profile only for HCL. Using the HTML rendering server with other applications might cause problems.