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Use the validation portlet to verify that your theme contains no errors. The validation report analyzes your theme and theme components for known issues and reports the number of errors, warnings, and informational messages. It also includes a detailed explanation about how to fix the errors that occur.

Home screen

After the validation analyzer runs, the report includes a number badge. The badge shows the total number of messages in the report. The background color indicates the severity within the report. Red means that there is an error. Orange means that there is a warning. Green means that there are informational messages. If no badge is present, no messages were found.

Validation report - 70 - validate your themes and their artifacts. 70 is a badge that indicates your validation report contains 70 issues.

Validation report

The expanded report shows the validation report of your system in a split view. The tree view shows the messages in categories. The details view shows information about the message that is selected in the tree view. The details view also displays related information that is important for the message. These can be theme, profile, module, or skin details.

A check mark by a category means that there are no errors or warnings in that category. In the following screen capture, the Theme Optimization Analyzer portlet Validation Report includes 21 messages. The selected message, Missing a leading forward slash in context root, is described in the details section. The error code is EJPNO1000E. The explanation is Theme 'Analyzer Test Non-Optimized Theme One' is configured incorrectly. The context root is missing a leading forward slash. It also includes a User Action that tells the user how to fix the error. In this case, it is Update the configuration for theme 'Analyzer Test Non-Optimized Theme One' by prefixing the context root with a forward slash. Instead of 'analyzerTestThemeDynamic', it should be '/analyzerTestThemeDynamic'.

The validation report contains errors, warnings, and informational messages and their details.

Possible messages

The following topics describe all of the possible messages.