Changing the theme logo in the Simple Theme

You can change the theme logo to customize your portal site and reflect your business or brand.

Before you begin

Ensure that you created a custom theme for Greenwheels that uses the Simple Theme template. To learn how to create the custom theme, go to the Roadmaps section and find Roadmap: Creating a custom Simple Theme.


  1. Create the directory ThemeLogo.
  2. Use a WebDAV client to donwload the Greenwheels theme.
  3. Open the directory ThemeLogo.
  4. Upload your new logo to a folder in the theme, such as Greenwheels/css/images. In this example, the new logo is a .png image called logo.png.
  5. Open the theme.html file in the root theme folder, Greenwheels/theme.html.
  6. Locate the following code string:
    <svg class="stLogo" role="img" aria-label="HCL Digital Experience"> <title>IBM Digital Experience</title> <use xlink:href="#stBee"></use> </svg>.
  7. Replace the code string in the step above with the following code string:
    <img alt="Logo" src="css/images/logo.png">.
  8. Save the file.
  9. Use a WebDAV client to upload the changed files of your theme.


The default logo is replaced by your custom logo.