Changing the theme logo in the Simple Theme | HCL Digital Experience

You can change the theme logo to customize your portal site and reflect your business or brand.

Before you begin

Ensure that you created a custom theme for Greenwheels that uses the Simple Theme template. To learn how to create the custom theme, go to the Roadmaps section and find Roadmap: Creating a custom Simple Theme.


  1. Create the directory ThemeLogo.
  2. Use a WebDAV client to donwload the Greenwheels theme.
  3. Open the directory ThemeLogo.
  4. Upload your new logo to a folder in the theme, such as Greenwheels/css/images. In this example, the new logo is a .png image called logo.png.
  5. Open the theme.html file in the root theme folder, Greenwheels/theme.html.
  6. Locate the following code string:
    <svg class="stLogo" role="img" aria-label="HCL Digital Experience"> <title>IBM Digital Experience</title> <use xlink:href="#stBee"></use> </svg>.
  7. Replace the code string in the step above with the following code string:
    <img alt="Logo" src="css/images/logo.png">.
  8. Save the file.
  9. Use a WebDAV client to upload the changed files of your theme.


The default logo is replaced by your custom logo.