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Module capabilities enable the use of modules in the theme.

This table lists explicitly defined capabilities. Implicit capabilities are not listed. Every module automatically surfaces a default capability, or implicit capability, which is the capability with the exact same name and version as the module.

Table 1. List of module capabilities

This table lists the explicitly defined capabilities and the modules and capability values that go with them.

Capability Name Capability Value Modules in the Capability
dojo 1.9 dojo_19
portal.livetext.action 8.0 wp_liveobject_framework
portal.livetext.hcard 8.0 wp_liveobject_framework
portal.livetext.c2a 8.0 wp_liveobject_framework
portal.livetext.adr 8.0 wp_liveobject_framework
mashups.builder mm_enabler
open_ajax_hub 2.0 mm_open_ajax_hub
mashups.enabler mm_enabler


widget_container 2.1 mm_enabler
active_site_analytics 8.0 wp_analytics
content_mapping.picker 8.0 wp_content_mapping_picker
federated_documents.picker 8.0 wp_federated_documents_picker
oneUI 2.1 wp_one_ui_21
oneUI 3.0.1 wp_one_ui_30
oneUI 3.0.3 wp_one_ui_303
oneUIDijit 3.0.1 wp_one_ui_dijit_30
oneUIDijit 3.0.3 wp_one_ui_dijit_303
cp_tagging_rating 8.0 wp_tagging_rating


sametime.proxy 8.5.2 wp_sametime_proxy
sametime.links 8.5.2 wp_sametime_links 8.0 wp_search

For extra modules and capabilities, see Content Template Catalog theme extensions and Customizing the CSS styles of social lists.