Profile schema definition | HCL Digital Experience

You can write a profile schema with valid JSON.

Components of a profile file

The JSON schema definition is available in WebDAV Theme/themes/Portal8.5/profiles/schema.

The profile definition has five main components.

non-deferred modules
The set of modules that load with the initial page rendering.
deferred modules
The set of modules that render after the initial page rendering.
title (optional)
The title of the profile.
description (optional)
The description of the profile.
metadata (optional)
Here you can define whether this profile is hidden or not.

You can see the properties in the following example.

 "moduleIDs" : ["moduleID_1", "moduleID_2", "moduleID_3"],
 "deferredModuleIDs" : ["moduleID_4", "moduleID_5", "moduleID_6"],
 "titles": [{ "lang": "en", "value": "title_en" },
               { "lang": "de", "value": "title_de" }],
 "descriptions": [{ "lang": "en", "value": "desc_en" },
                     { "lang": "de", "value": "desc_de" }],
 "": "true"