Dynamic content (jsp) resources

Dynamic content includes resources that are defined by jsp files that are used by the theme.

The entry point for a theme is either Default.jsp or Plain.jsp, both of these files are located here:


  • Default.jsp: Is a main entry point for the theme and bootstraps any required infrastructure, and then delegates all markup rendering to the static template file, which is usually theme.html.
  • Plain.jsp: Is an alternative entry point. This jsp is commonly used for helps or rendering a portlet with an iframe skin.
  • includePortalTaglibs.jspf: Includes the HCL Digital Experience Portal taglibs.



  • commonActions.jsp: Provides the common actions in the banner sections and the Actions menu. The Actions menu is not available to anonymous users.
  • crumbTrial.jsp: Provides the crumb trail information for the location.
  • footer.jsp: Provides the footer information for the page.
  • head.jsp: Provides the header information for the page.
  • navigation.jsp: Provides the navigation controls for the page.
  • mobileNavigation.jsp: Provides the mobile navigation controls for the page.
  • sideNavigation.jsp: Provides the side navigation controls for the page.
  • status.jsp: Template for error, warning, and information messages.