Creating a dynamic content spot for navigation | HCL Digital Experience

Create a dynamic content spot mapping to customize the theme for Top, Primary, and Secondary navigation. Change the yourTheme value to the name of your theme.


  1. For primary navigation, add a subcontribution to the wp_dynamicContentSpots_85 module in your theme's plugin.xml file. The plugin.xml file is in the wp_profile_root\installedApps\cell\YourTheme.ear\YourTheme.war\WEB-INF folder.
    1. Give your subcontribution the ref-id yourTheme_primaryNav, assuming you are changing the primary level.
    2. Enter the URI value mvc:res:{war:context-root}/themes/html/dynamicSpots/navigation.jsp?type=primary,smartphone@,tablet@.
      For example,
      <sub-contribution type="markup" ref-id="yourTheme_primaryNav">
      <uri value="mvc:res:{war:context-root}/themes/html/dynamicSpots/navigation.jsp?type=primary,smartphone@,tablet@"/>
  2. Modify the theme.html files for your theme and change the dynamic content spot ID for the primary navigation from 85theme_primaryNav to yourTheme_primaryNav.
  3. Define the yourThemePrimaryNav style class in one of the .css files for your theme that gets loaded by one of the modules for your theme.
  4. If you are in development mode, restart the application for your theme. Otherwise, restart the portal server.