IP filtering

You can use ipfilter settings to declare IP filtering rules and to either grant or deny a client access to the Ajax proxy.

You can use allow settings to grant access to a particular IP address or set of addresses. By alternative, you can use deny settings to deny access to a particular IP address or set of addresses.

The allow and deny settings support the following value formats:
  • Net address and bit number. Example:
  • Net address and NetMask. Example:
  • Specific IP address. Example
  • Specific IP address with wildcards. Example 192.168.*.1
Note: If you declare multiple ipfilter settings in the proxy configuration, the proxy processes them by the sequence in which you specify them. As a result, the last matching rule always takes effect, regardless of the previous rules.
The following example makes the policies in the /myproxy mapping accessible only to clients that have an IP address in the specified range:
<proxy-rules xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"    
     <mapping contextPath="/myproxy" url="*">
          <policy name="SamplePolicy" url="http://www.myremotehost.com/*">