Strategies for using the pre-configured portlets | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

Pre-configured portlets, such as applications and page components, are used to complete the blank page templates, or to replace portlets on the other Content Template page templates.

Some examples of pre-configured portlets that are useful for landing and index pages are:
  • List portlets display the most recent content from subareas or from a select area of the site.
  • Landing Navigation portlets insert navigation to an area, or a particular content item, into the body of the page.
  • Teaser portlets insert content onto the page, which is "hero text" or other marketing material. Teaser portlets direct users to other areas of the site through links.

For details pages, you must reference page component configurations that were either built manually, or built by dropping portlets onto landing and index pages. After you create a page component configuration manually or by dropping a pre-configured portlet onto an index or landing page, use the page component configuration Reference portlet to select it and display it on your details page.

Using the page component configuration Reference portlet is also a way to reuse components globally across the site. For example, list components that are defined in one location of the site can be used elsewhere by using the page component configuration Reference portlet.

Page components can always be created manually for any page – either by creating a page component configuration or copying an existing one. You can then use a page component configuration Reference portlet to display it on any page.