How to create and edit content | CTC for HCL Digital Experience

The Content Template Catalog templates have three types of inline content editing built into them. The Content Template theme extensions modify the inline page editing experience too.

The inline editing features are most useful for quick updates to design or content, especially during the initial phase of building a site. They are also useful on internal sites where site management is decentralized and workflow and deployment are kept simple.

Page creation

The New Child Page function allows selection of templates, and if "content templating" is enabled, the copying of associated content. This feature is used by all Content Template page templates.

Portlet instantiation

Dragging a portlet that is enabled for content templating onto a page results in the copying of content into the site area that is associated with the current page. This feature is used in many of the pre-configured portlets in Content Template.

Page component configuration

A number of the content types in Content Template were created to allow configuration of HCL Web Content Manager components. The Block, List, Slideshow, and Carousel content types are all page component configuration templates. The inline editing for these types is hidden until the page is placed into edit mode. In edit mode, a popup that shows "Open Edit Form" on rollover, allows editing of the page component configuration.