CTC Design library | HCL Digital Experience

The CTC Design library contains all the design assets of CTC: authoring templates, presentation templates, and components.

Do not modify the assets in this library directly because they are overwritten if you install a newer release of the CTC Design library. To make these changes, create your own design library and copy into it the components you want to modify.

Authoring template changes
Copy authoring templates into your own design library before you modify them. When newer releases of Content Template Catalog result in new features with extra elements, you can add them to your customized authoring templates.
Presentation template changes
Copy presentation templates to your own design library before you modify them. You can then either put a mapping to these presentation templates into your sites to override the mappings on the authoring templates or you can copy the authoring template and then modify the mapping directly.
Component changes
Create or modify components, such as headers, footers, list presentation components, and result designs, in your own design library. Then reference them from your microsites and your actual websites.

All of the content of the design library is translated, so that the design content can be used in any locale.