Configure HCL Connections on Cloud | HCL Digital Experience

Bring the power of HCL Connections to your portal applications.

The following HCL Connections portlets for HCL Digital Experience are supported through HCL Connections on Cloud Version 5.X and HCL Digital Experience Version 8.5 and Version 9.0.
Note: HCL Connections on Cloud is not supported in HCL Connections 6.0 and higher.
  • Activities – Collaboration tool for collecting, organizing, sharing, and reusing work related to a project goal.
  • Blogs – Online journals you can use to deliver timely information with a personal touch.
  • Bookmarks – Social bookmarking tool that you can use to save, organize, and share Internet and intranet bookmarks.
  • Tags – Meaningful keywords you can use to find associated content.
  • Profiles – Directory of colleagues you can use to build a network and locate expertise.
  • Wikis – Repository for sharing and collaborating on pages of interest to your group.
  • Forums – View and contribute to discussion topics.
  • Community Overview – View basic community information like the description, tags, and community owners. Perform basic community actions from the portlet.
  • Blogs Summary – Choose a view to see a snapshot of recent, latest, or featured blog activity
  • Profiles Summary – View a summary of information about your colleagues.
  • Forums Summary – View a list of forums that you can access.
  • Bookmarks Summary – View a list of bookmarks you can access.

You can also deploy community pages, which are portal pages associated with communities from HCL Connections communities. Portlets on community pages are automatically scoped to the community membership and display content from the community in the portlets. For example, if your community contains a forum, adding the forum portlet to a community page lets portal users view and interact with the forum content from a Portal application.