Connections Cloud Portlets limits and restrictions

There are some limits and restrictions for using the HCL Connections Cloud portlets.

The following are known limitations and restrictions when using the portlets in a HCL Connections Cloud deployment:
  • Live names, for example, for authors and owners, are not supported.
  • The Library portlet is not available as Connections Content Manager is not supported on Connections Cloud.
  • All portlets except for Profiles and Activities must be used on a community page.
  • The Profiles portlet does not display the profiles board on Connections Cloud.
  • The portlets cannot be used on anonymous pages because Cloud Connections requires logged in users.
  • Community Membership Access Control Integration, used to restrict access to Portal objects such as pages, is not supported.
  • Access to the Connections Business Card is not supported.
  • Because seedlists are not supported on Connections Cloud, you must use RCSS to integrate the Portal Search with Connections to show content from both in one query.
  • Users must be logged int to access portlet content. External visitors (guests) are not supported.
  • The Activity Stream portlet is not supported on the Connections Cloud.