Additional configuration to support the HTTPS protocol

If you are using the HTTPS security protocol with RCSS, you must import a certificate to support that configuration.


  1. Extract the certificate in the DER encoded format from the search URL.
    For example, copy to a file, for example, pvtind105.cer.
  2. Copy this file to the Portal server.
  3. Open the cacerts file as a JKS key database by using iKeyman.bat at Appserver/bin folder. The cacerts file is in the AppServer/java/jre/lib/security folder. The password is changeit.
    Note: If there are two java folders (one named java and the other named java1.7_xxx), use the cacerts file from the java1.7_xxx folder.
  4. After you open iKeyman and loading the cacerts file, select the signer certificates from the key database content list and click Add to add the Connections certificate. Assign it a name.
  5. Exit from iKeyman and restart the Portal server.