Configuring portlets to address content

To configure the portlets so you can address content between them, edit environment variables.

Use URIs to identify, access, and display HCL Connections content and profiles in a portlet. HCL Digital Experience Portal uses Piece of Content (POC) URIs to identify and address specific pieces of content in HCL Connections independent of the page that is used to display the content. Using a POC URI, you can precisely identify what content you want to display without knowing where it is displayed in your WebSphere_Portal server. at the time you generate a link. For example, when a user clicks a link in a blogs summary portlet, the POC URI identifies the blog content. Clicking a link that uses a POC URI displays the blog entry in the Blogs detail portlet on the appropriate page. The evolution to POC URIs provides a greater precision for identifying, retrieving, and displaying content. The URI specifies the identity of the content, not the location of the view of the document. The location of the view to the document is called the portal URL, or URL, and the information that is contained in this URL includes the navigational state.