Other queries | HCL Digital Experience

You can add other query parameters, for example for related tags.

The query for related tags can be useful to search for related content, that is for resources that are or can be similar to a given resource. Resources are considered to be similar if they share at least one tag with a given resource.

Example: To search for resources r2 . . . rn that are related to a resource r1, you determine the tags of resource r1 and hand them over to the following query:
This query returns a feed that contains all tags related to the tag names or set of tags that you specified. The query results in a list of all tags assigned to all resources that have been assigned at least one of the tags that resource r1 has also been assigned. In other words, This query lists all tags of all similar or related resources r2 . . . rn. You can now use this list to query for all these listed resources r2...rn.