Configuring search by metadata for the Search Center portlet

You can configure the Search Center so that users can refine their search by metadata.

About this task

To do this, proceed as follows:


  1. Open the Manage Portlets portlet.
  2. Locate the Search Center portlet.
  3. Click Configure portlet for the Search Center portlet.
  4. Click Edit value for the preference displaySearchFilters , and set it to true .
    This enables search by metadata filters for your users. By default, the meta elements title, keywords, and description of documents are provided as search filters. The actual set of available meta elements depends on the types of content sources that you indexed.
  5. Optional: You can add your own custom metadata search filters.
    Proceed as follows:
    1. Determine which metadata you want to use as search filters. This depends on the metadata that the documents in your search collections provide.
    2. Click Edit value for the preference searchFiltersFields .
    3. Add the required filters to the list of values.