Searching and crawling Portal and other sites | HCL Digital Experience

You can configure your local Portal site and crawl remote Portal sites so that they are searchable by users. Run crawlers against other external Web sites to make them searchable by local portal users.

Users of your Portal can search across various types of sites. In addition to searching the local Portal site, you can crawl remote Portal sites, and external Web sites, to make search results from those sites available to your local Portal users. Examples of search scenarios include:
  • Users of your Portal search your own local Portal site. This can include public and secure pages of your Portal.
  • Users of your Portal search the Web Content Manager collection provided with the Portal. This includes all Web Content Manager sites and libraries,
  • Users of your Portal site search other Portal sites. This works only for public pages of the other Portals.
  • Users of your Portal search external Web sites such as or or When you run a crawler against external Web sites, you can collect and display external search results next to results from your local Portal site.
  • External users search your Portal site. This works only for public pages of your Portal.