Adding and configuring suggested links | HCL Digital Experience

As an administrator you can promote specific pages, documents, or other pieces of content by adding search keywords to them in the search results list. The portal then lists these documents as suggested links.

Before you begin

About this task

To add or edit keywords for suggested links, proceed as follows:


  1. Use the portal Search Center to search for the kind of documents that you want to promote. The Search Center lists the documents in the search results list.
  2. Click the option Edit keywords for Suggested Links for the document that you want to promote. The Search Center opens a dialog window named Edit keywords for Suggested Links. This option is available only for users with the administrator role on the Search Center.
  3. Add one or more keywords to the selected document. Separate the individual keywords by blanks. You can also edit or delete keywords as required.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Add more keywords as required and save them.
  6. Click Close.


  • When your users search for a search string that you added to documents as a keyword, these documents display in the Suggested Links portlet.
  • For assigned administrators, the Suggested Links portlet provides an Edit link for each suggested link. When an administrator clicks that link, the portlet opens the dialog box Edit keywords for Suggested Links. The administrator can now add more tags or delete existing tags. This administrator role assignment must be the same as for the Search Center to display the option Edit keywords for Suggested Links.

Adding keywords to documents uses the portal tagging functions. You can configure the Tag Cloud to display a Suggested links tab and a corresponding view to users. When you click that tab, the tag cloud shows only tags that you added as keywords, and the related documents to which those keywords were added. You can use the Suggested Links tab of the Tag Center to view all suggested links that you created by adding your keywords.

In a typical example scenario, you can work in two stages:
  1. To add new tags or edit or delete existing keywords, you can use the Search Center, either from the main results view or from the Suggested Links portlet.
  2. To browse an overview of the keywords that exist already, you can use the Suggested Links tab of the Tag Center. You can add and remove keywords from documents as required.
Note: Suggested links are case-sensitive. The tagging and rating normalization parameter does not apply to suggested links. For example, if an administrator adds a suggested link of WebSphere, a user search for websphere does not return WebSphere as a result. This action is independent of whether the tagging and rating parameter is set to true or false.