Using the sample HTML component for Active Site Analytics

The HTML – Analytics component is a sample HTML component that you can use to instrument web content for Active Site Analytics. You can use this component to insert the supported microformat tags for web content into your content or presentation templates.

About this task

The HTML – Analytics component is located in the Web Content Templates library. You can adapt this sample to the requirements of your aggregator and Active Site Analytics setup. By default, the sample inserts the following microformat tags:
  • asa.wcm.content_item.path
  • asa.wcm.content_item.title
  • asa.wcm.content_item.authors
  • asa.wcm.content_item.lastmodified


Insert the HTML – Analytics component in your content or presentation template design by adding the [Component] tag.
For example:
[Component name= Web Content Templates/HTML - Analytics]