Emailing with the Microsoft Exchange 2010 portlet application | HCL Digital Experience

By using the HCL portlet application for Microsoft Exchange 2010, users can perform routine mail-related tasks, such as composing, reading, and deleting emails. This application enables users to view, edit, and delete items in their mail and other personal Information Management applications. Administration users set up the portlets and the users who are registered with Exchange can personalize them.

About this task

The HCL portlet application for Microsoft Exchange connects to an Exchange 2010 server via Exchange Web Services.

The following portlets are provided in the portlet application that works with Microsoft Exchange 2010 server:
The HCL Microsoft Exchange Mail 2010 portlet
With Microsoft Exchange2010 Mail, you can connect to an Exchange 2010 Server. You can perform standard mail functions, such as compose, reply, forward, and delete mail.
The HCL Microsoft Exchange Calendar 2010 portlet
With Microsoft Exchange2010 Calendar, you can retrieve calendar information from the Exchange 2010 server and display it on your page. You can perform standard calendar functions, such as creating, editing, deleting, and viewing appointments.

Integration with Exchange OWA mode is not supported for the Exchange 2010 version.