Business portlets | HCL Digital Experience

Business portlets are automatically installed during the HCL Digital Experience installation.

All business portlets that are provided with HCL Portal are in the following directory: PortalServer_root/bp. To make the portlets available, click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portlet Management > Portlets.

IBM® i: Use the Install and Configure option of the remote GUI installation to install the portlets.

Table 1. Business portlets available for immediate use
Application Description
Welcome Shows version and copyright for HCL Portal installed.
Banner Ad Banner Ad enables users to insert and view an image on a portal page. This image can be hyperlinked to a web page. This web page can be specified to open either in the same or a new browser window.
Note: The Banner Ad portlet verifies that you entered a URL for a particular image. It does not verify the validity of the URL.
Microsoft Exchange 2010 portlet application The Microsoft Exchange 2010 portlet application connects to an Exchange server. This portlet application contains the following portlets:
  • MS Exchange 2010 Mail Portlet
  • MS Exchange 2010 Calendar Portlet
Syndicated Feed Portlet for HCL Portal Use this portlet to integrate, view, and manage RSS and Atom feeds from your portal pages. You can organize the feeds into new and existing feed categories and extensively customize the presentation style for these feeds. The portlet is supported in a proxied environment and enables dynamic modification of the portlet window title. As an Administrator, you can configure several administrative settings from within the portlet interface and apply selective locks on a user's ability to customize the portlet.

The portlet complies with the Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) standards for subscription management. It supports the export of feeds to an OPML-compliant file. It supports the import of multiple feeds into the portlet from an OPML URL.

Note: RSS portlet and HCL Feed Reader portlet are no longer included with HCL Portal. If you used these portlets, use Syndicated Feed Portlet for HCL Portal. The Web2Bookmarks portlet is no longer available for immediate use.