Enabling client side rendering in the Syndicated Feed Portlet | HCL Digital Experience

To enable client side rendering in the Syndicated Feed Portlet, create a useClientSideRendering configuration parameter and set its value to true.

About this task

To enable client side rendering for the Syndicated Feed Portlet:


  1. From the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, click Portlets under Portlet Management.
  2. Search for the Syndicated Feed portlet entry.
  3. Click the Configure portlet (wrench) icon corresponding to the Syndicated Feed Portlet.
  4. Add the useClientSideRendering configuration parameter to the existing list of configuration parameters for the Syndicated Feed Portlet. Set the value of this configuration parameter to true.

    Following are the steps to add a configuration parameter for a portlet:

    1. Enter the parameter name in the New Preference text field.
    2. Enter the value of the parameter in the New value text field.
    3. Click Add.
    Note: You do not need to restart the portal server after you specify the configuration parameters.