Additional information for using the Syndicated Feed Portlet | HCL Digital Experience

When using the Syndicated Feed Portlet for HCL Portal it is important to consider additional information about authentication methods, feed details, and settings.

Consider the following information when using the Syndicated Feed Portlet:

  • The Syndicated Feed Portlet supports the following authentication methods:
    • Basic authentication
    • Form-based authentication
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) via LTPA and Netegrity SiteMinder
  • The XML file from which you export the feed details for one instance of the Syndicated Feed Portlet can not be used to import the feed details into another instance of the portlet.
  • Initially, you can view portlet feeds in the View mode based on the settings configured by the Administrator. If you modify the settings, they take precedence over the subsequent settings that the Administrator configures.
  • If you encounter problems viewing feeds that use international character sets, refer to the technote "Viewing feeds using international character sets in the Syndicated Feed Portlet for HCL Digital Experience" for more information.