Backing up the HCL file system

Periodically run an automated backup procedure for the HCL Digital Experience file system.


  1. If you are performing an online backup, go to Step 3.
  2. If you are performing an offline backup, stop all servers.
    1. If applicable, stop all external HTTP servers.
    2. Stop all of the HCL servers.
  3. Back up all HCL files and subdirectories under the directory PortalServer_root.
  4. Back up all IBM® WebSphere® Application Server files under the directory wp_profile_root to capture the complete runtime environment.
  5. Back up other WebSphere Application Server files under the directory AppServer_root.
  6. Back up the IBM Installation Manager agent data location. This location contains information about the installed offerings and fixes. For details on the default location of this directory, see Agent Data Location in the Related information section.
  7. Back up additional custom files outside of the PortalServer, profile, or AppServer directories; such as SSL certificates or shared libraries; that your HCL server might use.