Backing up the IBM Installation Manager

IBM® Installation Manager must also be included in backup and recovery planning. If you back up the HCL file structure and then install a fix pack, the HCL and IBM Installation Manager become out of sync after you restore the HCL file system. This condition is not recoverable.

HCL is now installed and maintained through IBM Installation Manager, which saves information on installed products in the agent data store and shared files. The damage or loss of shared files or IBM Installation Manager agent data can prevent the Installation Manager from working within your environment.

Without agent data files, you cannot change installed products or manage products and their components that you installed with the Installation Manager. For example, you cannot modify, update or install the products. Therefore, as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan, you need to have regular backups for the IBM Installation Manager agent and shared files.

Important: Create the backups of the directories at the same time to keep the directories synchronized for the restore process.
To back up your Installation Manager, create a copy of these directories:
  • Agent data directory.
  • Shared resources directory.
  • Installation Manager installation directory.

For more information about the default locations of these directories and to determine the directories, see Backing up and restoring Installation Manager and Backing up IBM Installation Manager agent data and shared files for recovery with IBM Business Process Manager (BPM).