Configuring Document Conversion Services for IBM i | HCL Digital Experience

Configure the Document Conversion Services to perform document conversions on IBM i systems. You need to complete the following steps whenever you start the Portal server from a new terminal window.


  1. Log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Select Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers
  3. Click the HCL Digital Experience server to open the configuration window.
  4. Select Server Infrastructure > Java and Process Management > Process definition.
  5. Select Additional Properties > Environment Entries.
  6. Click LIBPATH to open the configuration window.
  7. In the Value field, add the following information: :/QOpenSys/usr/bin:/QOpenSys/usr/bin/X11:/QOpenSys/usr/sbin.
  8. Click Apply and save your changes to the master configuration.
    The value for the LIBPATH environment entry displays as follows: ${WPS_HOME}/lwo/prereq.odc/shared/app/oiexport:/QOpenSys/usr/bin:/QOpenSys/usr/bin/X11:/QOpenSys/usr/sbin
  9. Restart WebSphere® Application Server.