Creating a backup of DCS files

Instructions to back up Document Conversion Services (DCS) files, prior to the replacement of the DCS component that is provided by HCL in August 20, 2022, are provided for customers who are interested to continue to use the Oracle supplied DCS. Document Conversion Services components in HCL Digital Experience software will be updated and replaced in 2022 in a subsequent HCL DX CF release. HCL Digital Experience will remove the third-party component, which is supplied by Oracle, that provides these capabilities and replace them with HCL supported functions. After that point, HCL Digital Experience v8.5, v9, and v9.5 CF releases will include the newer HCL supported component. Refer to the following HCL Digital Experience support Knowledge Article: Replacement of Document Conversion Services component in HCL Digital Experience software for additional information.
Important notes:
  • Effective August 20, 2022 the Oracle supplied DCSs are not provided or supported by HCL. Customers continuing to use these components will need to acquire support and updates directly from Oracle.
  • Effective August 20, 2022 the HCL supplied DCS will be set as the default in Digital Experience CF releases. Customers, who are already using the Oracle DCS product, will be provided an option to change the default DCS setting, so that they can use the Oracle supplied DCS services and obtain support directly from Oracle. Customers can use the backup files that are created using the steps outlined below to ensure continuing operations.

Back up DCS files

Beginning with Digital Experience CF203, a backup of DCS task is automatically provided. The backup can be verified in the <WAS USER HOME>/PortalServer/config/ file. If using Digital Experience versions prior to CF203, perform a manual backup of the following DCS files:
  • WpsInstallLocation/lwo/prereq.odc/shared/app/Export.jar
  • WpsInstallLocation/lwo/prereq.odc/shared/app/export.cfg
  • WpsInstallLocation/lwo/prereq.odc/shared/app/oiexport/
  • WpsInstallLocation/lwo/prereq.odc/ RemoteSearchInstaller/
Steps to back up the DCS files:
  1. Compress the above files into a file called, If using a Linux/Unix platform, set the file permissions to 755.
  2. Copy the compressed file to the backup location at WasUserHome/PortalServer/config.

Back up DCS files used in Remote Search

In the CF203 release, a Config Engine task is added, which can be run to manually back up the DCS files that are used to support Remote Search.

Instructions to manually back up DCS files supporting remote search if using a Digital Experience CF release prior to CF203 are as follows:

Config Engine task to automate the backup of DCS files for Remote Search
If using a Digital Experience CF203 or later, complete the following steps to create a backup of these files to ensure continuing operations.
  1. Complete an upgrade to Digital Experience CF203 with RemoteSearch enabled.
  2. Run the action-backup-rdcs ConfigEngine task. This will create a file containing the Oracle supplied DCS files used in remote DCS operations in the <RemoteSearchProfileLocation>/config/backup directory.
<RemoteSearchProfileLocation>/ConfigEngine/ConfigEngine.bat/sh action-backup-rdcs
Manual back up of DCS files for Remote Search
To manually back up these files, if using an HCL Digital Experience CF release prior to CF203, use the following instructions.
  1. From a directory with write permissions, extract the following files from your Digital Experience deployment:
    Extract /WEB-INF/lib/Export.jar, and /WEB-INF/lib/export.cfg from ${PortalRemoteSearchHome}/dcs/wp.dcs.remotedcs/installableApps/dcs.war
    unzip -j ${PortalRemoteSearchHome}/dcs/wp.dcs.remotedcs/installableApps/dcs.war WEB-INF/lib/export.cfg
    unzip -j ${PortalRemoteSearchHome}/dcs/wp.dcs.remotedcs/installableApps/dcs.war WEB-INF/lib/Export.jar
  2. Make a copy of the ${OperatingSystem} directory containing the DCS files supporting remote search.
    cp -r {PortalRemoteSearchHome}/dcs/wp.dcs.remotedcs/linux/ .
  3. Compress the files directory created with contents and files that are created in Steps 1 and 2 above into a zip file as follows: ${WasUserHome}/config/backup/
    zip -r ${WasUserHome}/config/backup/ ./linux Export.jar export.cfg
Restore DCS files used in Remote Search
After August 20, 2022 when the Replacement of DCS in HCL Digital Experience is completed, customers may optionally continue to use the previous version of DCS with direct support from Oracle. To restore DCS for continued use instead of the HCL supplied DCS replacement, complete the following steps.
  1. Upgrade to the latest Digital Experience CF release as of August 20, 2022, with Remote Search enabled.
  2. Use the following ConfigEngine task action-merge-rdcs to restore the DCS files used in Remote Search that were backed up using the process documented in the above sections. This will merge the backed up DCS files into the current RemoteSearch CF binary tree and ensure continued remote DCS functionality.
    <RemoteSearchProfileLocation>/ConfigEngine/ConfigEngine.bat/sh action-merge-rdcs