Release readiness report

The Release readiness report details criteria based on internal standards and compliance requirements.

The Release readiness report page provides comprehensive details for assessing risk of a specific version prior to its release into the production environment. In order to evaluate release readiness for a new version candidate, the report assists in evaluating the following areas:
  • Are release preparations final and is the version meeting all quality criteria?
  • Did the reviewers submit the required approvals?
  • Is the version thoroughly and properly tested against the quality criteria?
  • Do specific issues exist for this version now that require additional attention?
To run the Release readiness report, perform the following procedure:
  1. Click Insights > Reports.
  2. Select the Release readiness field under the Templates heading on the left side of the page.
    Note: When the Release readiness field is selected, a vertical blue bar is displayed on the left side of the field to indicate it as the report to run.
  3. Click the Run report button to display the RUN REPORT window.
  4. In the Pipeline / value stream drop-down, select the required value stream and pipeline from the list.
  5. In the Environment containing release candidates field, enter the pipeline environment containing the release candidates.
  6. In the Targeted release environment field, enter the environment.
    Note: To set the report inputs as default, click the Set as Default button.
  7. Click the Confirm button to run the report.
  8. If the report ran successfully, in the Status field of the table below the Run report button, a green circle and Complete is displayed.
    Note: If a red circle and Failed is displayed, run the report again.
  9. After the report runs successfully, in the line item for the report in the table, click Results to view the Release readiness report.

A sample Release Readiness Report page is shown below.release readiness report page screen capture

The main sections of the Release readiness report include the following:
  • Report header
  • Release content
  • Release quality & security
  • Release process
Subdivisions of the main sections listed above are detailed in the table below.
Table 1. Report sections details
Main section Subdivision
Report header Value stream name, Release name with Scheduled date, Application name with CANDIDATE and CURRENT VERSION details, Readiness score, Time in stage, Deployment success rate
Release content Candidate version, Changes introduced since version (number), Contributors
Release quality & security Approvals, Current version quality & security metrics, Current application quality & security metrics, Pipeline gates
Release process Release activites, Value stream - highest priority items opened

Report header

Under the Application name in the report header, the CANDIDATE and CURRENT VERSION details including environment, version, and date are displayed for each. These two versions are compared with one another with the results listed in the report sections contained in the table above. The Readiness score, Time in stage, and Deployment success rate details are also displayed in the report header.

Readiness score

The Readiness score view provides a detailed readiness score breakdown for the candidate version and is viewed by hovering over the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the section. The Readiness score details are listed in tabular form with the fields detailed and shown in the following table and figure respectively.
Table 2. Readiness score details
Field Description
Status Indicates the state of the specific criteria as success or fail with the green  or red  symbols respectively.
Criteria Specific area of focus for this release candidate.
Target Based on the criteria, what is the optimal value for success?
Actual Based on the criteria, what actual value was achieved?
Score The percentage of success between the Score and Actual values.
Figure 1. Readiness score details
Readiness score details

Release content

The Candidate version section identifies details for the specific build including names, issues, PR and commits. The Changes introduced since version (number) section lists the items that are added to the CURRENT VERSION to represent the CANDIDATE version including issues, PR and commits. The names and number of owners providing changes for the aforementioned items in the new version are listed in the Contributors section. Links are provided in each of the aforementioned sections to view information for specific items.

Release quality & security

This section focuses on how extensively the candidate version was tested along with the test results. The unique test results for the CANDIDATE version are found in the Current version quality & security metrics section. Recent Appscans affecting the application are viewed in the Current application quality & security metrics section and may not be directly tied to the candidate version. Links to specific metric pages are provided on the right side of the metrics for each of the aforementioned sections. You can also hover over the test results blocks to display a test results table including Test Name, Result, and Duration as shown in the following figure.
Figure 2. Test results table
Test results table
Note: Only test blocks containing data will display the tabular pop-up shown in the above figure.
In the Pipeline gates section, you can view approvals and quality checks across the pipeline phases.

Release activities

In this section, you can view scheduled or releases in progress and any prerelease activities necessary prior to moving into the production environment. Links to specific release activities are provided in this section.

Value stream - highest priority items opened

This section monitors specific issues in the value stream for the candidate version that require attention and resolve prior to release. Links to specific work items are provided in this section.