Migrating agents relays to Web

JMS agent relays on a server can be migrated to Web with the ability to revert back to the original JMS configuration. This allows you to specify connection details for groups of agent relays.


Agents, agents relay, and server must be upgraded to the HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) 7.0.4 or later. For more information, see Upgrading agents and Upgrading the server.

JMS agents are NOT supported on Web relays. Make sure that the connected agents are migrated to Web.

About this task

Up to version, migration of agent relays can be done manually by modifying the agentcomm properties in the agentrelay.properties file. Relays can be automatically migrated to Web while upgrading the agent relays. For more information, see Upgrade Agent Relays. This task explains the procedure to migrate the agent relays manually.
Note: You can only revert back an agent to JMS if that agent relay was previously a JMS relay.

Manual Migration

  1. Stop the relay you want to migrate.
  2. Open the relayInstallation/conf/agentrelay.properties file.
  3. Edit the file as follows:
    Note: Change host-or-ip to your Deploy server name.
  4. Restart the relay.
  5. Verify that the Web agents are connected to the Web relay.
Note: If migration fails, you can view the logs in the relayInstallation/var/log directory.