Migrating agents to Web

Agent Configuration Templates allow you to migrate JMS agents on a server to Web agents with the ability to revert back to the original JMS configuration. This allows you to specify connection details for groups of agents.


You must upgrade agents and server to HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) 7.0.1. For more information see Upgrading agents and Upgrading the server.

About this task

Deploy 7.0 introduced a new server/agent communication protocol which offers many performance improvements, and increased scalability. See Web agent configuration. Deploy 7.0.1 is extending this capability by adding Agent Configuration Templates which will allow you to define a reusable set of configuration that can be used to easily migrate existing JMS agents to WEB agents. After you migrate JMS agents to WEB agents you have the ability revert them back to the original JMS configuration.
Note: You can only revert back an agent to JMS if that agent was previously a JMS agent.

Agent Configuration Templates

Before you can migrate an agent from JMS to Web an Agent Configuration Template will need to be assigned to the agent or agents.

  1. Click Resources >Agent Configuration Templates.
  2. Click on Create Agent Configuration Template on the right side of the page.
  3. Give the template a name and description in the designated boxes.
  4. Add teams that you want to give access.
  5. Enter the URLs of the servers or relays where you would like agents to connect.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click on the template name and click Add Agents to apply agents to the specific template.
After agents are added to templates they can be migrated to the new Web type.

Agent Migration

An Agent Configuration Template will need to be assigned to an agent before its type can be changed from JMS to Web.

  1. Click Resources >Agents.
  2. Select the agents that you want to convert.
  3. Click bulk Actions menu.
  4. From the Actions drop down dialog you can select Migrate to Web or Revert to JMS.
    Note: Agents can only be reverted to JMS if they were originally JMS.

If an agent is currently on a template there will be an icon next to Type on the Agents page. Clicking that icon will also prompt for agent migration.

A confirmation message will appear when the migration was successfully started on all agents.

The connection setting on newly migrated agents will be taken from the Agent Configuration Template that the agents belong to.

When migrating to web mode, the agents will perform a connection test that must pass for the migration to succeed. You can configure the threshold for the test to pass by providing an integer greater than one that specifies how many of the possible connection paths that have been configured.

Note: If migration fails you can view the logs by clicking on the agent name and then clicking on the Logs section of specified agent.