Upgrading and Migrating

Stay updated with latest features and functionalities by upgrading HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) server, agents, and relays. This section also provides instruction on how to migrate your Deploy instance.

Best practices for upgrade

Follow these best practices for a smooth upgrade process:

  1. Open a support case to discuss your upgrade plan. See support page.
  2. Clean up your data to make your backups easier and minimize the upgrade time. See Cleaning up targets.
  3. Create a backup of all of your data and learn how to restore it. See Backup and recover.
  4. Read the release notes to know about the features introduced, defects fixed, and any deprecations starting from your current version to the version you want to upgrade. See Release notes.
  5. Review the upgrade notes that lists each build-specific considerations that are important before you upgrade. See Upgrade notes.
  6. Clone your production server and test upgrade to fix issues that you may encounter during real-time upgrade. See Testing an upgrade.