Adding process properties

A process property provides a way to add user-supplied information to a process. A running process can prompt users for information and then incorporate it into the process. For example, if the process entails authenticating with another server, you can require that a user enter an ID and a password for the process to continue. Properties are defined in the Edit Property dialog box.


  1. Open the process.
  2. On the Configuration tab, click Component Process Properties, Application Process Properties, or Process Properties, depending on the type of process.
  3. In the Edit Properties dialog box, enter a name in the Name field.
  4. Optionally, enter a description in the Description field.
  5. Enter a label in the Label field.
    The label is associated with the property in the user interface.
    Note: If two properties have the same label, they will not be grouped if the property names are not also the same.
  6. In Pattern, enter a regular expression to require that user input values for this property match a specific pattern. Leave this field blank to accept any values.
  7. If the property is required, check the Required check box.
    The default value is that the property is not required.
  8. Specify the type of expected value with the Type list.
    Supported types are: text, text area, check box, select, multi select, and secure. Default type is text.
  9. In the Default Value field, enter a default value (if any).
  10. To save your work, click Save. To discard changes, click Cancel.

What to do next

To use a property in a process, reference it when you configure (see Component processes) a step that uses it.