Component processes

A component process is a series of user-defined steps that operate on a component's artifacts.

Tip: For full coverage of component processes, see Component processes and its subtopics.

Each component has at least one process and can have several. Component processes are created with the process editor. The process editor is a visual drag-and-drop editor that enables you to drag process steps onto the design space and configure them as you go. Process steps are selected from a menu of standard steps. See Processes.

HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) provides steps for several utility processes such as inventory management and workflow control. More process steps are provided by plug-ins. Deploy provides plug-ins for many common processes, such as downloading and uploading artifacts, and retrieving environment information.

The following process steps are provided by the server. For information about steps that are provided by plug-ins, see the documentation for the individual plug-in in the HCL plug-in site.

A frequently used process can be saved as a template and applied to other components. See Component templates.