Upgrading agents in silent mode

You can upgrade agents by specifying the installation properties in a text file.

Before you begin

  • To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, run the same version of the HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) server and agents. Server and agents of different versions may result in unexpected behavior. In such case, you must update or roll back the server and agents so that they run the same versions.
  • You must upgrade the server before you upgrade the agents.

To upgrade an agent in silent mode:


  1. From the new version of the server, download the agent installer for the new agent version.
    • To download the installer, log in to the server and click the Help icon at the upper right of any page on the server, and click Tools. Then, click DevOps Deploy Agent, and download and extract the file.
    • To find the installer on the server with the command line, go to the following location, and copy the file to the target computer: installation_folder/opt/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/tools/devops-deploy-agent.zip
  2. Transfer the new agent installation package to the system that hosts the agent and extract the package.
  3. Create a new or update the agent installation properties file.
    For more information, see Agent installation properties. When you add the below property to the new agent properties file, the installer picks up the properties from the existing agent properties file:
  4. Stop the agent.
  5. Run the installation file with the install-agent-from-file.bat command on Windows or the ./install-agent-from-file.sh command on Linux. Provide the properties file as a command-line argument.
    On Windows, if the properties file is named install.properties, type the following command:
    install-agent-from-file install.properties
  6. Restart the agent.

What to do next

On the server, click Resources > Agents and verify that the agent shows the new version.