Upgrading agents from the command line

You can upgrade agents by stopping them and running the installation program for the new version.

Before you begin

  • To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, run the same version of the HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) server and agents. Server and agents of different versions may result in unexpected behavior. In such case, you must update or roll back the server and agents so that they run the same versions.
  • You must upgrade the server before you upgrade the agents.

About this task

The preferred way to upgrade an agent is to let the server upgrade it automatically; see Upgrading agents remotely.

To upgrade an agent from the command line:


  1. From the new version of the server, download the agent installer for the new agent version.
    • To download the installer, log in to the server and click the Help icon at the upper right of any page on the server, and click Tools. Then, click DevOps Deploy Agent, and download and extract the file.
    • To find the installer on the server with the command line, go to the following location, and copy the file to the target computer: installation_folder/opt/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/tools/devops-deploy-agent.zip
  2. Transfer the new agent installation package to the system that hosts the agent and extract the package.
  3. After you download and expand the installation package, open the installer directory.
  4. Stop the agent.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. At the prompt Enter the directory where agent should be installed. [Default: /opt/devops-deploy/agent], specify the current installation directory of the agent that you are upgrading.
  7. When the installer asks if you want to upgrade the existing agent, press Y and then press Enter.
    The installer upgrades the agent.
  8. At the prompt Will the agent connect to an agent relay instead of directly to the server? Y,N [Default: N] press N to connect directly to a server and press Y to connect to an agent relay.
  9. Specify the connection information for the agent.
    For more information, see Installing agents from the command line.
  10. Fill in the rest of the information for the installation program.
    The installer upgrades the agent.
  11. Restart the agent.

What to do next

On the server, click Resources > Agents and verify that the agent shows the new version.