Creating a survey

Create a survey and encourage community members to respond with their opinions.

About this task

The type of questions you ask in a survey determines the type of feedback you get. Consider the following question types when you construct your survey:

  • Yes/no questions categorize responses into groups, for example, people who use a specific product.
  • Multiple-choice questions contain three or more mutually exclusive responses.
  • Open-ended questions allow participants to respond in their own words. Because these questions can be time-consuming to answer and difficult to analyze, they're most effective at the end of a survey.


Create the survey
  1. Open the Community to which you want to add the survey and click Surveys > Create Survey.
  2. Enter a survey name and description on the Create Survey page and click Continue.
  3. Enter questions in your survey, click Add Question, and enter the question text in the Question: field.
  4. Select a question type from the Type: field.
  5. For multiple choice and drop-down questions, you can modify questions using the Up and Down arrows to change the order of the answer options.
  6. Click More Actions > Response Collection Settings to set survey settings such as the survey completion date.
    Note: The End Date field is editable after the Survey is created only.
  7. Click More Actions > Preview and check you layout, then click Save.
Start the survey
  1. Click Start Survey.
    Tip: If you are a community owner, you can designate your survey as a featured survey. Featured surveys are prominently displayed on the community.

    Community members can now see your survey (with a reminder of the survey closing date) listed under Surveys on the Community Overview page.