Joining a community to contribute your expertise

Share what you know and inspire others by joining a community that interests you.

Finding a community that interests you

To find a community, browse all the public communities in the My Organization Communities view. Or you can search for a community. You can also find suggested communities from the Recommendations app on your home page.

Joining a community

To join a community:

  1. Select Communities > My Organization Communities and select the community that you'd like to join.
  2. Depending on the community type, do one of the following:
    • To join a public community, open the community and click Join this Community.
    • To join a moderated community, open the community and click Request to Join this Community and make a request to join.
    • If you click a listed restricted community in the My Organization Communities, use the displayed form to request membership.
  3. To see if you are invited to any restricted communities, Select Communities > I'm invited and accept the invites to communities that interest you.

What happens next?

That depends:

  • If your request to join a community is approved, you'll get an email notification.
  • When you join a public community, you'll see it in the I’m a Member view.
  • When you request to join a moderated or restricted but listed community, it doesn't display in the I’m a Member view until your membership is approved