Copying a community structure

When you want to create a new community, it might be easier to copy an existing community rather than creating one from scratch.

What gets copied?

Copying a community structure maintains consistency by creating a community with the same layout and structure as the existing community. The following items are copied into the new community:
  • Title and description
  • Access settings
  • Apps
    Note: Except for the Rich Text app, app contents are not copied to the new community.

What isn't copied?

Community members, files, app content (wikis or blogs content, for example), and images are not copied to the new community.

Note: Settings for apps, such as whether a blog is moderated, are not copied.

Copying a community structure

To copy a community:
  1. Access any of the Communities views (for example, I'm an Owner).
  2. Click Start a Community > Copy an Existing Community.
    Tip: If you're in a community, you could also click Community Actions > Copy Community.
  3. Copy a community. You can either choose a community to copy from the communities you recently visited, or search for a community to copy.
    Tip: Try to copy a community that's similar to the community you want to create. Also, try to copy one that has the same access type.
  4. Select a community and click Next. The new community is created and "Copy" is appended to the community name.
  5. Change the new community's name and description to distinguish it from the original community. You should also upload a community image.
  6. Click Save.