Uninstalling fixes in silent mode

If the fix that you installed is not working, you can uninstall it using the update wizard in silent mode.

Before you begin

Ensure that you verified the following prerequisites:
  • You restored your databases
  • The WAS_HOME environment variable is set for Linux and Windows

About this task

To uninstall fixes in silent mode, complete the following step:


Open a command prompt and enter the following command:

updateSilent.sh|exe -installDir fix_file_location -fix -uninstall -fixes fix1_id fix2_id -wasUserId AdminUserId -wasPassword AdminPwd -featureCustomizationBackedUp <yes|no>

  • fix_file_location is the directory containing the downloaded fix.
  • fix1_id and fix2_id are the label of the fixes that you want to remove. Repeat this parameter as often as required.
  • AdminUserId is the user ID for WebSphere® Application Server Deployment Manager.
  • AdminPwd is the password for WebSphere® Application Server Deployment Manager.
  • <yes|no> is the possible value of the featureCustomizationBackedUp parameter; this parameter indicates if you have backed up your customizations but does not validate any such backup.


The log files that are created by the wizard are located under the connections_root/version/log directory.
Note: Check the <timestamp>_<fix name>_<feature name>_uninstall.log to find "Build Successful" near the end of the file. If this exists, it means you have uninstalled the fixes successfully. Otherwise, uninstall the fix again.