Installing fixes

Use the update wizard in interactive or silent mode to install fixes.


Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:
  • You set the WAS_HOME environment variable.
  • If the DMGR profiles on which Connections is installed is not configured as default profile, run the following commands before run update installer command:
    • Open a command line.
    • Run the following command for Windows:
    • Run the following command for Linux, System z® or AIX:
      . <DMGR_HOME>/bin/

      Where <DMR_HOME> is, for example: /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01

  • You downloaded the fix package. For more information, see Downloading fixes.
  • (AIX® and Linux) You have rwx permissions for the Deployment Manager profile directory that hosts HCL Connections applications.
  • (AIX® only) You installed all the required libraries. For more information, see AIX® libraries.
  • You backed up any customizations that you made. For more information, see Saving your customizations.
You can run the update wizard in one of two modes:
Interactive mode
Confirm each step of the process. This mode is useful when you use the wizard for the first time or if you are updating a single installation.
Silent mode
Use a series of commands and parameters to start and run the wizard. Silent mode is useful when you are updating multiple installations of Connections.