Tiny Editor Services configuration

The Tiny Editor Services use a configuration file called application.conf, written in Human-Optimized Config Object Notation. These settings can be overridden by JVM environment variables named with the path of the setting.

The configuration file is used to adjust settings, including:
Enabled services
The link-checking and media-embed services can be independently turned on or off.
Allowed origins
URLs for the domains loading the Tiny Editors which require access to the Tiny Editor Services (such as https://www.example.com). This is needed to allow a browser security feature called CORS to work correctly.
Proxy settings
The services can be configured to communicate with servers outside their network through a proxy server.
Security settings
The services can be configured to use custom settings for validating certificates, or for the purpose of testing the certificate validation, can be switched off.
Rules for embedding links
Endpoints can be specified for converting links using the OEmbed standard.
For a list of available settings, see: List of valid application.conf settings.