Getting ideas flowing with an ideation blog

About this task

An ideation blog is a place where community members can share and promote ideas in a dynamic way. Tap into the creativity of your members and encourage them to brainstorm, develop, and refine ideas

Manage an ideation blog in a number of ways


If your community doesn't have an ideation blog, create one.
  • Select Ideation Blog in the community's overview page.
  • Click Start an Ideation Blog.
  • Complete details for your ideation blog, such as blog name and address and click Save.
Maintain your ideation blog
  • To change the access level of community members to the Ideation blog, select Community Actions > Edit Community on the Overview page and choose one of the following access options:
    • Author. Allows members to post ideas to the ideation blog.
    • Draft. Allows members to save draft ideas only.
    • Viewer. Allows members to view ideas but not to contribute to the ideation blog.
    When you first create an ideation blog, all members of the community are granted author access by default.
  • To control idea creation, comments, and voting select Ideation Blog from the navigation bar, and complete the following steps as needed:
    • When you decide that an idea has enough support from the community, select the idea and click Graduate. Graduating an idea means creating a community activity for that idea. For more information, see Keeping your community activities up-to-date.
    • To remove an idea from the ideation blog, select Ideation Blog Actions > Manage Ideation Blog, and then select Ideas from the navigation bar. Select the idea that you want to delete and click Delete.
    • To manage general settings for the ideation blog, select Ideation Blog Actions, and update the settings as needed: Settings for ideation blog