Communities apps


If you're a community member and you don't see the app that you want on the overview page, ask a community owner to add it.

Table 1. Communities apps
App Allows community members to:
Activities Create activities to assign tasks, and organize projects.
Blog Write and comment on blog posts.
Bookmarks Post relevant bookmarks to the community.
Events Schedule meetings and events and share information about them.
Feeds Subscribe to feeds that are of interest to the community.
Files Upload and share files and folders.
Forums An area where members can ask questions and discuss topics of interest to the community.
Highlights Highlights app is a special app that allows the community owner to customize the community to include content from a variety of sources and to personalize the community so that users have an experience unique to them.
Ideation Blog A special type of blog that allows members to post ideas and vote on other people's ideas.
Library A library where members can upload and collaborate on documents.
Linked Library Links from a community to an existing document repository on an Enterprise Content Management server, allowing members to collaborate on documents.
Gallery A showcase for community files. The gallery supports many file types, for example: images, videos, and office files.
Members Displays the existing membership of the community.
Recent Updates Keep up-to-date on news stories and status updates on your community.
Related Communities Links to other communities that might be doing work of interest to your community.
Rich Content Create rich content pages; including text, links, images, and more.
Note: There is a limit of 28 instances of Rich Content apps in a community.
Status Updates Post messages to your community and view posts by other members.
Subcommunities See and go to subcommunities that are contained in the parent community.
Wiki Share information and resources with fellow members, and collaborate on projects.
Survey Create, run, and analyze surveys to find out what the community is thinking.