Sharing ideas in an ideation blog

An ideation blog is a space where you can contribute and vote on ideas related to the community's area of focus.

Posting ideas

Share your latest ideas with fellow community members in an ideation blog.
  1. In the Ideation Blog area of your community's Overview page, click Contribute an idea.
    Tip: If your community has multiple ideation blogs, select the blog you want from the Create a new idea in Ideation Blog: drop-down.
  2. Fill in your idea in the New Idea page.
    Tip: Use the Advanced Settings drop-down to control settings such as publishing date.
  3. When you have finished you can either Post or Save as Draft. You can also Preview your idea.

Contributing to other members' ideas

Contribute and vote on ideas related to the community's area of interest. From the community's Overview page, select Ideation Blog and work with community ideas in the following ways:
  • To review activity in the ideation blog, choose one of the following views:
    • All Ideas shows all ideas that have been contributed to the ideation blog, including graduated ideas. Graduated ideas are ideas that are converted to community activities so that they can be developed further.
    • Open Ideas shows just the ideas still available for an action, such as voting, commenting, or graduating.
    • Graduated Ideas to view ideas that you graduated.
    • My Votes shows the ideas that you voted for.
  • Click Vote to vote for an idea that you support.
  • To notify others of an idea, select the idea, and then select More Actions > Notify Other People.
  • To mark an idea as a duplicate, select the idea, and then select More Actions > Mark as Duplicate.