Following, liking, and commenting on library files

In addition to downloading, checking out, and uploading new versions of files, you can use the rich social features provided by community libraries to interact with files and collaborate on them with your colleagues.


From the library, right-click a file name in any view and then perform one or more of the following steps:
  • Click Open in browser to view the file in Connections. You then have full access to all of the supported features for working with library files.
  • To provide feedback on the file, click Comments to open the file in a browser. Click the Add a comment link in the browser interface and enter a comment. You can optionally select the Follow this file option to get notified when comments or updates are posted if you want to be notified about new comments or updates to the file. Click Edit or Delete if you want to make changes to your comment or remove it later. Comment authors can edit or delete their own comments; community owners can edit or delete any comments.
  • To like the file, click More File Actions > Like. If you change your mind later, you can click More File Actions > Unlike to undo this action.
  • To follow the file so that you receive notifications about the latest updates to it, select More File Actions > Follow. Click More File Actions > Stop Following to undo this action.