Adding a file to a library

Add a file from Windows Explorer or your desktop to a library.

About this task

Upload a file to the library as a file that others can see or as a personal draft.


  1. Use one of these methods to add a file to a library:
    • Drag and drop a file from your desktop or from Windows Explorer to the library folder.
    • Cut or copy a file from your desktop or from Windows Explorer and paste it in the library folder.
    • Open a document in an Office application, choose Add to Community from the HCL Connections section on the ribbon and choose a community library or folder.
  2. Accept the defaults or set any of the following options for adding the file to the library:
    • Edit the file name and description.
    • In the Document type section, click Change to change the document type.
      Note: The default document type is set by the community owner in the community library settings. The selection of document types is specified on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) server.
    • Select Show only required fields to display only required fields in the document type section.
    • Edit the available properties as needed. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. For example, *Sales Date.
    • Choose Check In to upload the file and make it available to library users, or Add as Draft to save as a draft that only you can view.
      Note: If review workflow is enabled for the library, instead of Check In, the menu option will be Submit for Review. Once you submit a file, a reviewer must approve it before it is available to others. If you need to change the file, you must access it through the browser interface.